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sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea

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Large fully mature, flowering age plants. They were covered during winter, so they will redden up during the grow season when exposed to sun. Some, if not all are from Mike Wang's collection, unfortunately I didn't keep up with labelling over the years. The smallest divisions are still over 12" in diameter total. Ships bare root.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful large plants!

I was surprised how large the S. purps were that I was sent, especially since how hard these are hard to find. Very happy with BleuxExotics. Very good communication, too!

Alex Sage

I meant to write an email but forgot. I was looking for some ssp purpurea purple pitchers which has been a huge chore this season. BluexExotics not only had long established purple pitchers but two other varieties I've always wanted (Hurricane Creek White, a cultivar whose natural territory in Alabama was destroyed but which has not gone extinct due to the work of growers like Bluex) and alata Night (a strangely colored cultivar with a strange story, with virtually all available plants originating from a single plant in the UC Davis Conservatory) .

Plants shipped barefoot but with appreciable amounts of live sphagnum. Plants were extremely healthy (and I got a few extras that I haven't had time to research yet!). Plants also shipped with extremely convenient labels.

Will 100% check here first whenever I'm going to purchase another carnivore.

For anyone suspicious of this same review left multiple times, I'm lazy and copying and pasting.