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Live sphagnum moss

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Live sphagnum moss that has been grown outdoors in full sun along with a large portion of my bog plants. Mixture of different colors and types (dwarf, red, brown, green, etc). If you grow it outdoors in full sun there is a pretty good chance you will end up with some babies of sarracenia, drosera, dionea or bog orchids. This was grown outdoors and not in a greenhouse, so there may be some (harmless) critters such as ants or spiders. If growing outdoors, make sure to keep it moist. You can either use the full strands, or you can cut it into smaller pieces (this will stunt it's growth for a few weeks, but will have better end results). 

Sold per cup worth of sphagnum! 

THIS HAS BEEN A VERY POPULR ITEM, RUNNING LOW ON CURRENT STOCK so price has been increased for the time being. 

Customer Reviews

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Alex Sage
Nice Mix

Healthy mix of sphagnum. Mine was pretty tightly knit and had almost no debris. Birds unfortunately massacred the clump I added to my outdoor sarracenia. Stuff I am propagating is going strong!

Great color, but came with some hitchhikers

Loved the color and texture of the moss, but it came with a couple of live snails buried in the moss.

Excellent Plants

The moss arrived in great shape and is now happily living life in many pots.

Timothy Chang
Highly recommend!

Answered all my questions quickly, prompt delivery, received more than advertised, couldn't be happier! Had enough for my bog plus extra to try to grow on the side!